Stanislaw sent me this beautifull video about the mutual atracction I share with Robert Bresson.

Days after, in Urszula Antoniak Lecture, She quoted Robert Bresson “Working with real people, as actors, is working with what they hide instead of what they show”.

Now, I´m sure that the interest behind this attraction for hands in Bresson is the same as me: Hands are the part of our body which reveals the most about what we hidde. But also I know that in the future I would like to work more with hands and with this «Bresson´s working method».

Here bellow you can find an interesting article that explain some reserach about hand´s movement:

«Research demonstrates that the movements we make with our hands when we talk constitute a kind of second language, adding information that’s absent from our words. It’s learning’s secret code: Gesture reveals what we know. It reveals what we don’t know. And it reveals (as Donald Rumsfeld might put it) what we know, but don’t yet know we know. What’s more, the congruence—or lack of congruence—between what our voices say and how our hands move offers a clue to our readiness to learn…»

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