1º Meeting Report


Dear Sander;

The next report will be earlier, more than one week between our meeting and the report is too much time to remeber it.

But the good thing about time is that highlight the important things, usually. So the most important conclusions that I got from our meeting were:

– I´m pointing in the good direction trying to think about these «Experiment» for my research.  After your meeting I came back at home wondering if my research could be a work of art itself and how could I make that possible. Today I have my doubts if the direction I took in these first experiments  is the good direction. I have to think more on this and see  what is really relevant for my research.

– Thanks to your answer to my question: What is your inner urge Sander?. I understood better what Jellichje was trying to explain us…(as easy as that…yes) and the difference with our mapping with Eyal Sivan. So I realize that I had my inner urge very clear and I talked with her about this. She told me that she didn´t feel the necesity of putting me an special assigment  because I already got the real meaning of her workshop, so I put myself an assigment in order to explain my inner urge, she agreed. So  in spite of my first doubts with this workshop I have to say that to make the exercise was worthy.

– This is the work that I told you was very interesting for me in the Stedelijk Museum (just in case you want to have a look).


– You show me this beautiful effect:


Thanks!, I already practised it the past week with my boyfriend. I runned into him in the downtown, without him seeing me, so I decided to follow him, very very close, waiting for the moment he notice me. He noticed me ten minutes after!!!!…( I having my doubts about our realtion after this…jaja..)…

– And finally you told me: `Your first assigment is going to be «Not to say sorry»‘. I see your good intentions in this advice but I have to say that  I´m sorry but I think I´m going to keep saying «sorry». I don´t mind if this  «sorry thing»  sounds very uncool, but the thing is that I´ve noticed that I say it in the usuals moments you say it in my spanish culture. So I´m afraid I´m not a rock start and I don´t care.  Sorry.

Should we meet the next week? What day is good for you?.