FORGETTING CONFERENCE. CASTRUM PEREGRINI / tensions on Internet about tembrr and forgetting/ Facebook memory, algorithm memorys/ as much as I know about digital memory the less I want to remenber digitally/ the Google algorithm makes an important role on how we remember/ how memory works in 21 century. Inmigrant, remaniscence bomb a memory spike, that happen in a period of life teenagers, but also when you move to another country (refugees inmigrants) trauma. Forgetting the exception remembering the default. How to remember resposable, not getting lost? Everything you store, you forget it. Technologies undermine everything (distraction,gps). What is important is the way you handle information, not memorize. Trauma and facebook, you can’t move to a place without having your life behind. The circle Mac ?.    Snapshot. Memory spike, if the migrant and refugees have all this digital memory (photos of home etc) the nostalgia will be not so big, so the memory spike will be more rounded less pick. I make a photo in order to move on, ok I have the photo now I can move on. Memory palace. The book on a box.  Stories for your screen website. Memory is always future oriented, not backwards. We are representing the past, the photos are just representation of the past.  Memory in the 21 century.  Sebastian groes.